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Inside Knowledge

Jul 26, 2018

Show Notes – Dave Conley

Radical self-care – learning to love himself as much as his loved Carole.

Are you dead? No.  You’re alive – let’s keep it that way.  Drink water, eat and move.  All very primal. 

This started cracking open the space to some powerful questions.  What do you want?  I want to live. ...

Jul 19, 2018

Show Notes – Hope Zvara

What is happening on the matt when you step onto it?  What are you actually trying to cultivate?  Ask yourself if you have a healthy relationship with your yoga matt. 

There has to be a point when we are challenged as an individual to go beyond the physical.  What does this pose mean to me? ...

Jul 16, 2018

Show Notes – Pradeepa

Is a fertility coach – her purpose is to coach men, women and couples going through fertility and help them make their journey suck less.

Went through her own journey and tried everything that was offered.  They had every treatment and test but after the 8th failure she found the courage to say...

Jul 12, 2018

Show Notes – Mario Porreca

We know we have to regularly exercise to feel good and to get the benefits.  But we very rarely take that active consistent approach with our mindset.

After a number of years working as a chef he gained a lot of weight.  It was after his own weight loss journey that people started asking him...

Jul 9, 2018

Alani Bankhead – Show Notes

Personal definition of resilience – the ability to bounce back in difficult circumstances.

Ever since she was a little girl she always knew she was born to serve others and protect life.  That desire led to a life in the United States military.  Ended up as a special agent working for the...