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Inside Knowledge

May 10, 2018

Amy Lyle – Show Notes

Going through a lot of failures and choosing to get up one more day; keep moving forward.

Amy thinks that things are harder for her but that is okay.  She looks at other people and it seems so easy.  She doesn’t see that in herself; she sees a lot of struggles.  She thinks she gets in her own way a lot. 

Was a salesperson for 20 years and everything was organised on a computer.  It was very regimented and clear what you had to do next.  She is just a little scatter brained sometimes.

The journey of the book demonstrates resilience.  She was told by an entertainment attorney that she was referred to.  “I won’t work with you.  You are nobody, you don’t have any money and you don’t know anyone.  You can’t just walk into Hollywood; you have to get on the map.  He told her to write a book and told her to write what you know.  She immediately thought “I have had a lot of failures.”  She started writing the book that day.

Her favourite comedians are those that have survived a lot.  Their stories are stories of survival.  You are either going to go nuts or make light of it.  

She can turn a failure into a funny story immediately. 

Talking about her favourite books – Rules of Civility and Let’s Pretend It Never Happened.

Very strict old school parenting.  Children were to be seen and not heard. 

Humour doesn’t really run in the family but people within it have developed a sense of humour from having hard lives. 

Her friends lift each other up and can also laugh about the funny fails that happen in their lives.  Those female relationships are really critical.

She is definitely an extrovert.  She’d rather be in a crow of 1,000 people rather than 10.  She does like her alone time too. 

We discuss politics, gun violence and the gap between rich and poor.  We also talk about the importance of helping others even when we become wildly successful and famous. 

Personal tool – a vast collection of funny movies and books.