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Inside Knowledge

Mar 26, 2018

Show Notes – Lisa Robbin Young

Resilience – owning your truth and standing in that space.

Creative entrepreneurship is cyclical – there are times you need to push and times where you need space.

Know yourself, own your truth and be fully who you are.  Don’t live in a box that someone has painted for you.  Do it your way because your way is going to be what is best for you.

Who are you really here to reach?  There are people out there who need exactly what you have in the way that you are offering it.  Are there enough of those people to keep you afloat?

Who are the people who are going to most connect with your message and how are you going to get in front of that audience?

Show up consistently; as authentically and genuinely as possible.  Walk the line of being authentic and sharing your personal stories.  It is legitimate to have private you and business you.  There are things you never share publicly. 

Consistency is the key to building trust and this what people will come to want from you.  If you show up in a mask, people are going to expect the mask.  If you take it off they may not like it.

Anything you share has to connect the dots of how it can apply to the other person’s situation.

The people who see you mess up and then see you fix it they love you most of all.

“The first is always the worst.”  You are constantly improving. 

Look ruthlessly and honestly at your reality.  You have to work within the confines of what you have available to you.

Our business and ourselves are not mutually exclusive.

Where is the best use of my time -the best use of my resources?  If you can get a positive return on your investment then it is a win.

Avoid getting trapped in comparison. 

It is about – will this make a difference if someone hears it?  Sometimes we do just need to talk for our own benefit.  In our catharsis other people get their own catharsis. 

You have to define success on your own terms. 

Making money is important or you don’t have a business.  But it takes time to build an audience.  It takes time to build the know, trust and like factor with people.

There are people in the world who want exactly what you have and they are waiting for it.  Your job is it create it and put it out there.

You have to let go of the attachment.  You are creating because you have to.

How does it serve them, how does it bless them?

Personal tools – morning routine.  Time out.  Once a quarter she has a leave me alone day.  Allows her to reconnect with herself and follow where her intuition is going to take her.  Gives her new perspective to bring back to her work.