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Inside Knowledge

Feb 26, 2018

Melissa Turner – Podcast Interview 2

·         Personal definition of resilience being accepting where you are at, but taking forward steps and acknowledging those steps.

·         There is no certificate of resilience.  Life will continue to test you.

·         Melissa’s personal journey began with a diagnosis of state 4 Endometriosis at the age of 19.  She pursued every conventional treatment, including seven surgeries.  She was living on painkillers and hormone treatments.  Seven years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, she decided to explore natural treatments.

·         She began a blog in 2010 to record her journey and started to attract followers.  She now has a community of 10,000 women.  Leading a community created a feeling of pressure to find solutions.  Melissa had no mentor to inspire her or to follow.

·         Now she enjoys her community as there is hope and lots of examples of success from within her group.  

·         The community is about empowering women by providing options and choice.  Giving them a feeling of control.  Mental shifts that can help.

·         Her nutrition guidelines are all about reducing inflammation in the body, autoimmune response and hormonal imbalance.  We all have this to some degree so the nutrition suggestions would be helpful to a wider group.

·         Her technique is called REACH which is an acronym for replenish, exercise, affirm (mind / body connection), cleanse and help and support.

·         She started a dialogue with endometriosis which helped her to connect with her body.  She views it as a naughty child who misbehaves because its needs are not being met.

·         Due to her upbringing Melissa had developed timeous perfectionism which is a desire to achieve things quickly and perfectly all at the same time.  This was very stressful and contributed to her illness.

·         Melissa’s suggested tools for building greater resilience include a wellness card which is an affirmative statement that you read morning and night.  You also decorate the card and have it in a highly visible place.  She also recommended journaling and encouraging mindset shifts that way. 

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