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Inside Knowledge

Jul 2, 2018

Show Notes – Nancy Seibel

It can feel like a struggle to be there with the blank page in front of you.  Journaling – can be a useful way of exploring thoughts and feelings.  Prompts can be useful to get the writing started.  “I figure out what I think and feel when I see what I write.”

Expressive writing – developed by James Pennebaker.  Is a productive way to explore something from our past that might still be with us in some way.  Write in our own voices and with no regard to editing.  Purposely shift perspectives – from 1st person to the 2nd person or even the 3rd person.  The insights are powerful and immediate. 

It is helpful to work this through with a group.  It allows you to talk about what came up for you and what you learned.  This can deepen the experience.

Affirmative writing – writing a letter to tell yourself you did the best you could at the time. 

Transactional writing – in the form of a letter as if you were going to share it with someone.  However in general you probably won’t be sending the letter. 

Poetic writing is based on the skeleton of an existing poem.  Opens up your mind in a different way and make new discoveries that way.  Let yourself play with the form and just see what comes out.

Legacy writing – what you value, what means the most to you.  When you get put back in touch with what matters most it makes you focus on it.  This really promotes resilience.

Pick a writing schedule that works for you.  It gives you something to look forward to but also something that you can maintain.  Try and find uninterrupted time. 

Some people begin their writing by deep breathing and visualization.  Or lighting a candle or some incense.  Some people begin with free writing and then move on to writing to a prompt. 

We then talked about writing materials and experimenting with different forms. 

Sometimes it is good to carry a notebook so you can write down ideas as they come to you throughout the day or so that you can make the most of any down time you may have.

Getting in touch with your inner encourager.